16 Jun 2011


Wrinphotrav is the title of my blog. Wrinphotrav itself is stands forWRIter aNdPHOtographyTRAVelling.Wrinphotrav or the others word as bowo soedadi is a human (hehehe… Yes, of course i’m human not a site robot. hahaha…). Bowo soedadi is a writer and owner of this blog. I am a young man, born in Semarang, twenty-three years old ago. I came from Salatiga and Klaten, middle of Java. I took master degree programmein Gunadarma Universitywith Business Information System as my subject,and has graduatedauniversitydegreeinthe previously, STMIK Nusa Mandiri with Information System as a subject.

I have been very interesting for pursue deeper about writing, photography, travelling around the world especially Indonesians interesting places, and reading is too. Because reading is the term of ‘world window’ right ?. I could see the contents of your country and awesome places with only reading some books, site, newspaper, magazine, and etc. Waow… this proves that reading is a nice thing and nice hobby right ?. Does you know my friend ?. Indonesia has many wonderful places. One of world heaven and im proud as a Indonesian.:).

Also interested in art,culture, history, traditional art.

I stayed in Jakarta now. If you want to establish communication with me, you can contact this :

e-mail:wh1teang3120@yahoo.co.id, messenger id : wh1teang3120
blog site:http://bowosoedadi.blogdetik.com
twitter: @bowosoedadi / https://twitter.com/#!/bowosoedadi
facebook: bowo soedadi /http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1441130591

Enjoy this, my friend (kawan). I will call you kawan, because you are my friend.:)

Best regards, :D

Oh ya, I forget to tell you about my dream.
Do you know kawan ?. I want to publish my stories which i have written in this blog, but i didn’t have any chance. If you have some people who worked in a publisher, please give their an suggest to make them have to read my posting. I need your help, kawan ! :)





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